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Application Process

The Application

In the application you will describe your company and its operations. The more we know about you, the more effectively and speedily we can process your application. After preliminarily reviewing the application, the Halal Zabiha Committee will require an initial inspection of the premises. The applicant shall make available their premises for inspection at a time convenient to both the Halal Zabiha Committee and applicant. Applicant shall provide the Halal Zabiha Committee with all further information that is required, either prior to or subsequent to the inspection including but not limited to, a list of all ingredients used in the production, names and sources of all supplies, a description of the manner of production etc.

All Applicants are required to complete an application form, a consent form, and the necessary application sections they are applying to get certification for.

Please submit a complete form in order to expedite the certification process. An incomplete form will delay the overall process time.

All forms are in PDF format. The filled forms must be submitted in person at SBNY's Woodside office.


  1. Retailer Application Form
  2. Resturant Application Form
  3. Processed Meat Application Form
  4. Distributor Application Form
  5. Slaughterhouse Application Form
  6. Essential Shar’i Requirements

Initial Inspection and Evaluation

Subsequent to a satisfactory review of the application, the facility will be inspected on a random basis by a senior field representative. The report will then be reviewed by the Zabiha Monitoring Committee. After due investigation by scholars and upon meeting the Shar’ee requirements of Zabiha, the Zabiha Monitoring Committee will then issue the Halal Zabiha Certificate and Zabiha production may commence.

Terms and Conditions of SBNY Zabiha Monitoring and Certification

  1. Shariah Board New York (“SBNY”) and the undersigned business agree as follows.
  2. This agreement expires one year after it is executed. The agreement will also terminate, immediately, in the event: (a) the owner of the business at the time the agreement was executed is no longer the owner; or (b) SBNY sends written notice to the business. For purposes of this provision, SBNY’s written notice shall be deemed sent on the day SBNY places it into the Certified Mail for the United States Postal Service for delivery to both the business and the owner listed on this agreement.
  3. As used in this agreement, the term “halal meat products” refers to chicken, goat, lamb, veal or beef, as well as any other type of meat or poultry, in either whole or processed form.
  4. SBNY grants, for as long as this agreement is effective, the business the right to use SBNY’s known and valuable trademarks, including but not limited to the terms ‘SBNY Certified’, ‘Shariah Board Certified’, ‘Shariah Board Approved’, to advertise the business as meeting the standard for SBNY’s certification for halal meat products.Upon expiration or any termination of this agreement, the business agrees to immediately cease using SBNY’s trademarks.Furthermore, upon expiration or any termination of this agreement, the business shall immediately destroy all products, signage or other materials that refer to SBNY in any way.
  5. SBNY will provide a certificate bearing SBNY’s seal and representing that the business meets SBNY’s halal meet certification standard.The business and/or its owner must relinquish this certificate to SBNY immediately upon expiration or any termination of this agreement.The business may not dispose of or destroy this certificate on its own accord.
  6. The business agrees that it will not sell any meat products, except products sourced from suppliers approved by SBNY in writing, as per SBNY’s Certified and Monitored Listing.If at any point SBNY discovers the business sold or offered for sale a meat product sourced from elsewhere, SBNY may terminate this agreement immediately upon giving either verbal or written notice to the business.
  7. The business grants SBNY representatives unfettered access to inspect the entire business premises (including any and all business premises used by the business) at any time.Further as part of such inspection, SBNY representatives have the right to search for and seize any invoices that are present on the business premises.And, the business must respond to any request from SBNY to provide all records concerning all halal meat purchases and sales, by providing all such records within 10 days of the request.
  8. The business agrees to inform SBNY within 30 days if any of the following occurs: (a) the business employs a new butcher or slaughterer; (b) the ownership of the business is changed in any way; or (c) the physical location of the business changes or the business adds a new physical location for doing business.
  9. The business consents to SBNY listing the business on SBNY’s website.
  10. If the business is a slaughterhouse or engages in slaughtering meat or poultry, it agrees to: use only Muslim slaughterers or butchers that have been trained to meet SBNY’s halal meet certification standards; grant SBNY representatives the right to question slaughterers or butchers at the business premises at any time; complete and return to SBNY within 7 days forms SBNY provides titled “Production Record”.
  11. This agreement can be renewed for an additional effective date of one year.In order to renew, SBNY must receive a renewal application 15 days prior to the expiration of the agreement.Fifteen days after the expiration of the agreement, and immediately upon any termination of this agreement, SBNY may publicize, including but not limited to using a widely disseminated press release and conspicuous statements on its own website, that SBNY no longer certifies the business.
  12. The business may not assign this agreement without SBNY’s written consent. This agreement may not be modified, altered or amended without written agreement of all parties.If any term is illegal or unenforceable, the legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected or impaired.
  13. There is no joint venture, partnership, agency or fiduciary relationship existing between the parties, and the parties do not intend to create any such relationship by this agreement.
  14. A 90 day notice is required in case of voluntary withdrawal from this agreement by the business.

Certification and Ongoing Inspection

The company will be inspected periodically by a designated Zabiha compliance inspector. The Halal Zabiha Committee’s designated inspector will review for compliance with the signed agreement.